Thursday, 29 July 2010

A mental list....

Evening peeps!

Just why oh why does it get to this time of night, and I start thinking of all the things I would like to do / get done / achieve? Perhaps its the very thought that I will soon be going to bed and will have to start the day's routines off with looking after our nearly 16 month old son? And that the day's chores will start all over again.

This bit does not plague me so, it is a fact of life, you know the housework and looking after a child thing. I guess this is the reason why I get to bed so late, because by the time I have got most things sorted for the very next day, or end of day duties, it's late and the last few nano of today I have enjoyment of what I would like to do (although saying that now, I have just remembered a pan that I need to wash in the kitchen, grr!).

So I start thinking of all the things I would like to be able to fit into my days, and I actually get quite excited at the thought of doing these things. So, I write a mental list, and guess what, it stays there! Just little random thoughts, roaming around aimlessly in my brain, bouncing off the wall in there, not to be completed yet!

I have half finished artwork, and books half read, idea's of things going round in my ever clunking brain, chug chug, chug, clunk, clack! As I sit here and write I started to ponder something... If I were to write down my mental list (and I mean physically write it down) would I then be putting them in the same bracket as chores, which I put off for as long as possible. Would I get more and more disheartened each time I go back to the list, and haven't had the time to complete such items?

The answer is no. Why do we as human beings put such a negative spin on things. Each and every time, I know if I am making decision, I always think of the negative first and not the positive. I then go into the weighing up of the decision, pro's and con's and such like. So just lately, I have been trying to be a bit more light hearted in my approach to even the most every day issues (which includes the fact that I have continued to write this, and not wash up the pan in the kitchen!).

I guess what I am trying to say is, lets try and raise more smiles in our life. Alot of the negative (and even silly) things, we may not even be able to change for the now, so why should it hold us back from cracking open a big grin across the most looked at part of us human beings! Task - try smiling at a few people, not a freak out the person you are smiling at kind of smile, just raise those corners rather than drop them, you may just get a smile back. And if you don't get one back at least you know you have tried :)

Signing off, with a smile (even though the pan is STILL lurking in the kitchen for me). Night peeps. :)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome...

The title suggests two things, welcome to anyone reading, and also welcoming myself to blogging! It will, I have no doubt, take me a little while to grasp blogging, and layouts, gadgets and so on and so fourth, but I will get there in the end, so bear with me :)

It is indeed rather late now, and soon off to bedski I go. Would just like to say thank you to my Mummi and my bestest, G, for introducing me to this new fandangled item in my life!

Hopefully, my page should get more interesting as I go along. Big Smiles and even bigger yawns. Nighty Night peeps.