Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mum's the word.... Part 1

Yep, just a random post about mummydom (I know that can't really be a word!).

Since I became a mum, my life as I knew it kinda finished. No more freedom to pop out just on a whim, no more car that I loved (my classic mini), my man and I not having to work everything around 1 tiny human being.

So much both my fiancee and I have literally given up for this little chap. Yes, sometimes I really miss being me, and I can be tearing my hair out because of the little dude, however I would not send him back from whence he came, for anything. Being a mum has inspired me to achieve different sorts of goals. Smaller more, within my grasps goals. Which in turn, when I get to do these things, gives me a much higher satisfaction when I do finish them.

I wont bore you with all the ins and outs of how our lives have changed so much, Ne, this post is sort of a log, of the cuter more bizarre moments that we share with our son.

Our little chap has been exceedingly clingy of late, in one sense this is frustrating, as it is difficult to get on with whatever else it is that is needing to be done, but in the other sense, it is actually quite endearing. His whole world depends on you doing things for him, and being with him. He loves companionship which is fab, he is a sociable sort, even if at first he is shy with a new person, he soon realises that all is ok and then starts chatting away all gobbledygook (or as my mum and I like to think, speaking in tongues!).

The most cutest action that our son has had for the last week, is, after he has got out of the bath (he loves his baths and stays in for quite a while!), whilst I am getting him all nappied and JimJamed up, he reviews and assesses his hands and feet. This is because it started with him looking at his prune like fingers and frowning. I proceeded to say to him "the bottoms of your feet do that too". Well he found this very novel, comparing the two, hand and foot, and saying "ooohhhh". I explained to him that when we are in the bath for any length of time, the softer parts of our body (namely palms of hands and soles of feet) ,tend to go, now how did I put it, oh yeah "all crinkly". he loves this now, he actually understood me, as he generally only looks at his hands and feet in that way, after he has had a bath. I love it, and I love him.

Now im sure there are, by far, lots of cute and insane things our little dude does, but I will not generate them on this first post. However, if anyone would like to share cute moments, that inspire you to grow a heartwarming smile on your face, then please do share. Now you don't have to be a parent to share these moments, you could be any member of family or friend of the little cute button, or you could have just been passing them in the street and thought what they said or did was extremely adorable. Please do share.

Signing off with a smile. :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Can we really blame it on the weather?

Can we really blame most things on the weather?

Well, I often hear myself saying, I've got a headache, might be the weather. I am feeling gloomy / lethargic / vague / down / unenthusiastic etc etc might be the weather.

I hear a lot of people use this sentence too, so I know its not just me. I wonder how many of us walk around blaming the weather for our current mood, tiredness or health?

Now, weather has been around since time began, and guess what, I bet your bottom dollar that since we began we have been blaming things on the weather. Weather is the most natural thing on the planet (pardon the obviousness and pun), but is there some truth in this?

A great percentage of people in the world suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so there must be some truth in it surely. I sometimes think to myself, am I blaming the weather because there are things in my life that I would love to change but can't. The weather cannot speak up for itself, so is that the reason why I may use it as an excuse rather than finding a more decent reason? Who knows, I, and no doubt a lot of other people will still carry on blaming the weather.

Is it because we are more in tune with the planet than we give ourselves credit for, does our natural, way back when instincts take over at certain points during our time and so that is why we blame the weather, because it really is true. I would like to think so. I like the idea of being in tune more with the natural free me (even if it is only a bit of escapism!). We work against ourselves as human beings, because no doubt many many moons ago, when it used to get darker earlier at certain points during the year, we did our hunting (or working as we call it now) at different times of the day, appropriate to when it was safe to do so. Now we go against the grain by working the same hours (or shifts) day in day out all year round. But should we? My Mother and I quite regularly have this conversation, and by the end of it, we never have come up with a reasonable conclusion.

What do many other people think, I would be interested to find out, please do post even if it's the smallest remark. All comments welcome :)

Signing off with a yawn and a smile :0 :)

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Could of been more pacific...... hmmmmm

So this is an exceedingly quickish post! As with me, these posts always start off with being a quick post and then I rabbit on so much that it ends up looking like an essay which did not fulfill their word criteria. Yep, I was the kid at school that could never quite summarise, and ended up having an essay that was 100 words or more too long! (see what I mean!)

So this post is to see if people can continue the banter on how other people write things or indeed say things.

My annoyance is not necessarily with that person, but with their teacher who could not have got it across enough, to state the correct way to say (or indeed write) these two very simple things.

Could of........ ahem excuse me... shouldn't that be could have. So many times I do actually have to correct myself on this one, but I feel oh so much better when I do, because I remember what I had been taught. My understanding of this word 'of'', is to introduce or indicate or explain an action or subject. For instance 'The Duke of York'. The word 'have' to me can be varied depending on when it happened, have, had, has. I could have been more.... (past context), for example. It has been a lovely day (present context) and so on and so fourth ( I hope you get what I am trying to express here!). Please feel free to add to this argument as it has been a while since I did english. I do not express this from a higher level, just merely what a bug bear it is sometimes!

Could have been more pacific.... ahem excuse me..... so you are saying you could have been more ocean? I think the word you may be looking for is specific. Do I need to elaborate on this more, or less do we think?

So this short blog is to get people chatting on what they may find as a tad annoying, when a teacher has not done their job properly, or indeed has not been given the time to do their job properly. Please feel to put your two bit worth in.

Also do feel free to correct me, as constructive critism can be so very helpful to someone who has not done this sort of thing in a long time!

Many Thanks for your time. :)

Friday, 13 August 2010

Why do it to the hover fly?

As a kid, I loved witnessing the hover fly, hovering (as it does) over a many varied plant, flower and such like. I would wait to see, if I put my finger or hand close enough, if it would land on me. When one did, I tell you, as a kid, it was one of the best feelings in the world, because, to me, it was like that little yellow and black stripey entitity trusted me enough to land on me.

Of course, being a young one at the time, there was the odd occasion when I got a hover fly mixed up with what was actually a wasp, which at that age, would scare me a tad. It would be a gasp, and then run!!

Now every year, although I am now nearing my 30's, I still get that little excited twinge when I start seeing the odd hover fly appear and the all of a sudden there are masses of them, all doing their hover thing that they do best (name very appropriate if you ask me!).

This year, I get the happy smile on my face, a hover fly landed on my hand without me even noticing (he must trust me lots!) and without me even asking with my hand or finger. Bliss. I actually feel slightly appreciated. However, this year we notice far more of an influx of wasps (please note, I am trying not to think about if the wasps have created a nest in our loft, ahhhhh!). This year the wasp (mainly of the german kind) have actually ruined things that I do on a day to day basis (well some daily, others not so much). Having a quiet cuppa outside - wasp buzzing round my head and face and bottom of the trouser leg ( now thats scary), hanging the washing out on the line, taking the recycling to the recylcing bin outside our fence, doing the maintenance on my car ( one actually managed to have a good old try at zapping me, and almost won, and it hurt). Opening the windows in our house to get the air through. And one of my favourite past-times of just witnessing the hover fly amongst all the other creatures in the garden, doing their thing.

The common wasp, and I have to say I have actually never seen this ever in my lifetime before, are murderous to our little friends the hover fly. They literally swoop in on the poor unsuspecting hover fly, and sting him until he is stunned, and then proceed to pull apart (disect if you will), this little chap that has never been a threat to anyone. I have bore witness to this with my own eyes, and I don't like it. I will not go into further detail as to how they do this, as do not want people to feel queasy reading this, surfice to say, it is not pleasant.

So I am hoping that these wasps are certainly not as much "in force" next year, because I want my summer to be a normal summer where I can hang my washing on the line and so on and so fourth.

I also would like to witness those litte hover flies, flying (or hover if you will), back to how it used to be, because lets face it, the wasps are meanies and muderers in my book - c'mon - why do it to the hover fly?

Signing out with a smile :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

added new poems

Just a quick note to say check out my poems on my little ditti's page (as I have added more!), and feel free to leave a comment on this post if you feel they weren't good enough or whatever! :)

Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Too much interests me! How about you?

Well, here I am. And I have decided that my life is full of things that interest me. Mainly creative but actually some academic too (would you believe it!).

Ok, so the creative is the first, obviously art, producing art, crafts and also spending hours looking at the stuff too! I love reading, when I give myself the chance. Writing, I would love to be able to write books, of all sorts, mainly fiction, but also based on some personal experiences.

Nail technician course, was what I was thinking of looking at a few months back. Most things course wise I look at and I think that would be lovely to get another string to my bow. Two things spring to mind after looking at these courses - Time and Budget. But I don't get disheartened, I know that one day I might just be able to do some of the courses. Also Mechanics was something I would love to do (yep I do have a boyish side I am afraid!).

I would love to be able to finish off my AAT. I have sat the final year, but due to some other things going on my life, it was difficult to concerntrate so consequently failed the centrals - I will go back and finish them, eventually. As an in the meantime I would quite like to do a book-keeping course (sort of a refresher and layout guide really).

One of my main interests, and has been from the year dot for me is, stationery! Yep, I am a total stationery addict. I went to the beloved PaperChase twice in one week (lucky me!). There is new one just opened up about 20 mins drive away. I feel nervous walking into that shop, because I know that I am going to want much more than I can afford. Whats even worse is that I am a true Libran, so when I see two things, but I only have the pennies for one of them - they make me choose, ahhhhhhh! I managed to walk out with just yet another note book, two pens, an eraser and some funky stickers, phew (sweat on!).

Poetry, I love that too. I have just started trying to write some more, and try and locate my old ones, which I would like to put on here. I got really frustrated earlier as I cannot, for the love of god, find these early poems I wrote - I will keep searching, and hopefully I will find!

Music - all types. I even have a program that I can create tunes - and I did do a few years back, I still have it on disc, and I listened to it the other day (I was actually quite chuffed with that tune). I love listening to music. I would love to carry on learning the clarinet (I have one at home) and also the Violin, my Grandad used to play this and I would love to be able to also.

Hark at me rattle on.... there is much more that interests me, but in the interests of peoples sanity if they are reading this, I better quit whilst I am a head, and also whilst I am still awake (no sleep writing here please Abi!).

So do most people have this continuous problem of them having far to many interests and not enough time? Please share...... perhaps as a nation we work too many hours and forget that we also have lives to enjoy (yep, I said enjoy, who'd have though eh!).

I sign off, with a smile and a wink. :) ;) x

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Out of Place

This is just a random post. Does anyone ever feel out of place in certain social gatherings whether its a family do or just friends. I am finding the more and more I go to gatherings, the more and more I feel like I shouldn't be there, like no-one would notice if I wasn't there.

Perhaps my social skills have diminished along the years and people feel I am just too boring to hold a conversation with, like everyone else in the room seems much more appealing to talk to. My opinion doesn't count, or is not really listened to. This post is more of a diary entry can you tell?!

Today I felt awkward, and I shouldn't have, perhaps its just me with too many hormones running round, but today I felt out of place. Today was the day where I just wasn't sure whether I should have been there. To top it all off I got told not to make a fuss when my son fell over and he looked shocked. All I was doing was walking up to check on him. Surely I have the authority to do this as I am his mum, no? who knows, I do know that if you make a huge fuss over children when they bump themselves they can then play on it later down the line, but if I am to brush it under the carpet like it didn't happen then I feel like I am doing only half my job as his mummy.

This brings me deeper into thought that we as human beings try and trivialise and make it seem like it shouldn't be noted that our child may have hurt themselves, are we then training them to grow up thinking that there is no point to opening up and telling someone that they are hurting whether it be physically or mentally? could this be the reason why some people end up struggling with relationships throughout their life? This would be a bigger topic to talk about at another stage perhaps, but please feel free to comment on what you think on the subject, if you so wish to.

The end result of my day is I still feel like an outsider. I still feel awkward, and I still feel like I don't belong. I get that now, I get that I am not to be asked to join in with things as I probably come across as weird. This is not a dig at anyone, this is just how I feel. Perhaps now I have offloaded, I can brush it under the carpet. Sometimes it may just be simpler to stay at home and do my thing, and let the rest of the clicky people do theres!

Not negative, just an obsevation  from a person with low confidence. Could I be anymore random..... I think so!