Monday, 27 June 2011

Weird; Time flies, but are we having fun?

First of all, I would like to say welcome back. This is my first word post of 2011. This is also the very reason why I decided to write this post, as I can't actually believe it's June (ahem, nearly July) of 2011.

Well you are all probably thinking "you must have been up to lots of lovely things, whilst not writing blog posts". You could not be further from the truth!

There is that famous saying "Time flies when you're having fun". Some of us can be blessed to say this. I, almost certainly do when I think about how old our Son is now and the joy he brings. One of which, was not waking up early this morning, due to teething, but I tell you what, the interesting conversation he was trying to have with Mummy and Daddy, at that time in the morning, was hilarious.

Regardless of this, I have to say, 2011 has been a dreadful year so far. It's gone very quickly, yet I haven't been having so much fun. We have managed to have a change of job (and not in a good way) and drop in wages, which has meant we couldn't and still cant move out. I have been a victim of crime twice, and both cases are still on going, there are a tonne of other non-positive items to add to this list, but it would be amazingly boring for you all.

My point is, most people I know say, where has the time gone, next thing you know it will be Christmas (no-one hit me!), yet amazingly these same people can have a run of bad luck as long as your arm. Where is the fun in that?

I have to say, this saying was probably thought up a very long time ago, when we used to have more genuine fun. Nowadays, we seemed to be consumed with the next big thing, and the one after that, when the novelty has worn off the previous one and so on and so fourth. We don't have as much inner contentment as we used to. We are always trying to busy ourselves, and if we are not doing anything then we tend to act like a teenager and say "I'm bored". Communities don't tend to be communities so much anymore, so our communities exist of what we can try and gleam off, online. Life is very much different now. Are we having fun yet?

This year, it has been my goal, to try and bring back the simple things in life. The things that I loved to do, as hobbies, as a kid / young adult (well, I am going to be 30 in a few months!). Considering the awful year so far, I am remaining positive as much as possible. And perhaps that's where we do have fun. We bounce back from each and every hurdle, stronger and more equipped with knowledge to deal with it, if it were to happen to us again. Who said learning couldn't be fun huh! Life is an learning curve.

The main thing is, if we learn to balance the ying and the yang, we can become whole. So perhaps the fun part is the learning part?! Who knows! All I know is, that we should try and balance out the rough with the smooth, make sure we actually feel like we are having fun, however small that thing that makes you smile is. Just as long as we don't hurt, harm or tread on any ones toes to do this, then we know we are getting some happiness. You never know, if it is genuine, the time may just pass at the normal speed, rather than the supersonic hyper drive time frame we seem to be in at the moment.

I am passing on a smile, lets see how many times over we can pass it on :)