Tuesday, 23 November 2010

If music be the food of love..... dance on

Ok, two things spring to mind when I write this title.

1) I know the correct quote would end with play on. That would however destroy the very notion of what I was going to be writing about.

2) I have just realised that I have not written a blog post for months!

I love to dance. I don't go to any classes (perhaps I should) but whenever there is a tune going thats it for me, I just can't help but dance. The trouble I have at the moment is, that ever since I had my son, whenever I feel the need to dance I start to, and then when I start to get into full swing, I get this immense pain. It feels like a stitch but in the wrong place, and it is so intense that it makes me stop dancing and then I have to sit down.

Back earlier this year, I was at a wedding of my brother in law to be's and it got the evening and I was thinking as soon as that music goes on, I am on that dance floor. Got going, and then this awful pain appeared. Everybody else were doing dance off's and I had to sit on the side lines. This upset me greatly. I wanted to show the happy couple that I was having a fab time by getting up and having a boogie, but I couldn't.

The strange thing was, that at my other brother in law to be's 30th Birthday party, which was a month after my son was born, I could get up and have a boogie, without the pain, in fact you couldn't get me off the dance floor for love nor money. So what has changed since then. I am eager to find out, but how do you explain that one to the doc??

I am one of these people that doesn't need a drink to dance either, which by the way probably used to really pee on my friends fireworks. It's like this inbuilt thing inside of me, that just says "there is a beat, now dance monkey girl, dance!" (if you have ever seen that episode of two pint's of larger and a packet of crisps, you know where that adjusted line comes from!).

I am not the best dancer in the world, but I don't think I am half bad either. I even contemplated doing a hip hop class with my close friend (and almost family, legally, when I get married, but pretty much can call my sis-in-law... hello - you know who you are!) but then I fell pregnant with my son. We both love all those dance movies, and have watched a few together (we also both have a major love for stationery, shhhhh don't tell anyone!). I love watching music vids that have dance involved, it can stop me in my tracks of making a cuppa just to see how they move. Gotta love it, and I do!

Dance promotes happiness for me, I love it, its good for the soul, and stirs up that feel good factor when you need it the most and when you don't need it, you do it anyway. Test yourself, next time you feel remotely down, stick a tune on and dance to it. You can't beat the freedom of dance, it's so expressive, and then, hopefully, but the time that tune has hit it's last note you will feel like your day can carry on, on a much happier vibe. Go on give it a go...lord knows if you don't do it for you, do it for me, who can't even get as far as half way through the tune without the mummy pain creeping back in!!

Big smiles, lot's of laughs and plenty of dance.... go on, treat yourself. :)