Sunday, 15 August 2010

Could of been more pacific...... hmmmmm

So this is an exceedingly quickish post! As with me, these posts always start off with being a quick post and then I rabbit on so much that it ends up looking like an essay which did not fulfill their word criteria. Yep, I was the kid at school that could never quite summarise, and ended up having an essay that was 100 words or more too long! (see what I mean!)

So this post is to see if people can continue the banter on how other people write things or indeed say things.

My annoyance is not necessarily with that person, but with their teacher who could not have got it across enough, to state the correct way to say (or indeed write) these two very simple things.

Could of........ ahem excuse me... shouldn't that be could have. So many times I do actually have to correct myself on this one, but I feel oh so much better when I do, because I remember what I had been taught. My understanding of this word 'of'', is to introduce or indicate or explain an action or subject. For instance 'The Duke of York'. The word 'have' to me can be varied depending on when it happened, have, had, has. I could have been more.... (past context), for example. It has been a lovely day (present context) and so on and so fourth ( I hope you get what I am trying to express here!). Please feel free to add to this argument as it has been a while since I did english. I do not express this from a higher level, just merely what a bug bear it is sometimes!

Could have been more pacific.... ahem excuse me..... so you are saying you could have been more ocean? I think the word you may be looking for is specific. Do I need to elaborate on this more, or less do we think?

So this short blog is to get people chatting on what they may find as a tad annoying, when a teacher has not done their job properly, or indeed has not been given the time to do their job properly. Please feel to put your two bit worth in.

Also do feel free to correct me, as constructive critism can be so very helpful to someone who has not done this sort of thing in a long time!

Many Thanks for your time. :)

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