Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Can we really blame it on the weather?

Can we really blame most things on the weather?

Well, I often hear myself saying, I've got a headache, might be the weather. I am feeling gloomy / lethargic / vague / down / unenthusiastic etc etc might be the weather.

I hear a lot of people use this sentence too, so I know its not just me. I wonder how many of us walk around blaming the weather for our current mood, tiredness or health?

Now, weather has been around since time began, and guess what, I bet your bottom dollar that since we began we have been blaming things on the weather. Weather is the most natural thing on the planet (pardon the obviousness and pun), but is there some truth in this?

A great percentage of people in the world suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so there must be some truth in it surely. I sometimes think to myself, am I blaming the weather because there are things in my life that I would love to change but can't. The weather cannot speak up for itself, so is that the reason why I may use it as an excuse rather than finding a more decent reason? Who knows, I, and no doubt a lot of other people will still carry on blaming the weather.

Is it because we are more in tune with the planet than we give ourselves credit for, does our natural, way back when instincts take over at certain points during our time and so that is why we blame the weather, because it really is true. I would like to think so. I like the idea of being in tune more with the natural free me (even if it is only a bit of escapism!). We work against ourselves as human beings, because no doubt many many moons ago, when it used to get darker earlier at certain points during the year, we did our hunting (or working as we call it now) at different times of the day, appropriate to when it was safe to do so. Now we go against the grain by working the same hours (or shifts) day in day out all year round. But should we? My Mother and I quite regularly have this conversation, and by the end of it, we never have come up with a reasonable conclusion.

What do many other people think, I would be interested to find out, please do post even if it's the smallest remark. All comments welcome :)

Signing off with a yawn and a smile :0 :)


  1. Intresting post!

    I think I may slighlty be affected by SAD. Not to the effects some people suffer though. I wonder if it may stem from a learnt behaviour as society has always taught us then when the sun shines we are happy - go on holiday - spend time with family. Even when we are children images of the sun with a smile and sunglasses as positive images. where as the rain or dark evening has always been drummed into us a being negative. I.E "rain, rain, go away come again another day" always gloomy or where back to kids drawings when they are ex[pressing sadness they often put dark clouds or rain in the picutes. Therefore even from a child we learn that the sun is happy and the cold / rain is unhappy. This may have a impact on the way we behaviour as adults.

    WOOOOOO sorry - kind of went of on one then!That might not be true I just thought it may effect it.

    What do you think??

  2. You are more than welcome to write what you think my lovely - freedom of speech and all!

    I think you have struck right on the money there with a very good point. It is kinda drummed into us from an early age that the sun is smiley and the clouds are gloomy - which is where it may stem from now we are adults. I like your way of thinking!

    Amazingly we need boths types of weather to be able to survive perhaps it should be explained that way when we are children (but obviously in a child friendly way!)

    I too often think that I suffer from a mild version of SAD, but a lot of the time I tell myself to pull myself together, there is only so many times I can blame things on the weather (poor Mr Weather).

    Thanks for the input. :D xx

  3. Hi, I have awarded you with two blog awards. Beacuse I love to read your blogs, check out my site to see all about it :-) xx


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