Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Too much interests me! How about you?

Well, here I am. And I have decided that my life is full of things that interest me. Mainly creative but actually some academic too (would you believe it!).

Ok, so the creative is the first, obviously art, producing art, crafts and also spending hours looking at the stuff too! I love reading, when I give myself the chance. Writing, I would love to be able to write books, of all sorts, mainly fiction, but also based on some personal experiences.

Nail technician course, was what I was thinking of looking at a few months back. Most things course wise I look at and I think that would be lovely to get another string to my bow. Two things spring to mind after looking at these courses - Time and Budget. But I don't get disheartened, I know that one day I might just be able to do some of the courses. Also Mechanics was something I would love to do (yep I do have a boyish side I am afraid!).

I would love to be able to finish off my AAT. I have sat the final year, but due to some other things going on my life, it was difficult to concerntrate so consequently failed the centrals - I will go back and finish them, eventually. As an in the meantime I would quite like to do a book-keeping course (sort of a refresher and layout guide really).

One of my main interests, and has been from the year dot for me is, stationery! Yep, I am a total stationery addict. I went to the beloved PaperChase twice in one week (lucky me!). There is new one just opened up about 20 mins drive away. I feel nervous walking into that shop, because I know that I am going to want much more than I can afford. Whats even worse is that I am a true Libran, so when I see two things, but I only have the pennies for one of them - they make me choose, ahhhhhhh! I managed to walk out with just yet another note book, two pens, an eraser and some funky stickers, phew (sweat on!).

Poetry, I love that too. I have just started trying to write some more, and try and locate my old ones, which I would like to put on here. I got really frustrated earlier as I cannot, for the love of god, find these early poems I wrote - I will keep searching, and hopefully I will find!

Music - all types. I even have a program that I can create tunes - and I did do a few years back, I still have it on disc, and I listened to it the other day (I was actually quite chuffed with that tune). I love listening to music. I would love to carry on learning the clarinet (I have one at home) and also the Violin, my Grandad used to play this and I would love to be able to also.

Hark at me rattle on.... there is much more that interests me, but in the interests of peoples sanity if they are reading this, I better quit whilst I am a head, and also whilst I am still awake (no sleep writing here please Abi!).

So do most people have this continuous problem of them having far to many interests and not enough time? Please share...... perhaps as a nation we work too many hours and forget that we also have lives to enjoy (yep, I said enjoy, who'd have though eh!).

I sign off, with a smile and a wink. :) ;) x


  1. YES! I have WAY too many interests and there is NEVER enough time!

    Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back. ;)

  2. Ahaa! hello :) Thanks for the follow also.

    I just wonder how I manage to get anything done. I have a 16mont old son too and he consumes alot of my time. Even when he has gone down for a kip I find myself doing other bits of housework!

    I must learn to manage my "me" time!!

    I must say I really like your writing style - it makes me want to read on, which is a good talent to have as a writer :)

    Big smiles. :D


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