Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mum's the word.... Part 1

Yep, just a random post about mummydom (I know that can't really be a word!).

Since I became a mum, my life as I knew it kinda finished. No more freedom to pop out just on a whim, no more car that I loved (my classic mini), my man and I not having to work everything around 1 tiny human being.

So much both my fiancee and I have literally given up for this little chap. Yes, sometimes I really miss being me, and I can be tearing my hair out because of the little dude, however I would not send him back from whence he came, for anything. Being a mum has inspired me to achieve different sorts of goals. Smaller more, within my grasps goals. Which in turn, when I get to do these things, gives me a much higher satisfaction when I do finish them.

I wont bore you with all the ins and outs of how our lives have changed so much, Ne, this post is sort of a log, of the cuter more bizarre moments that we share with our son.

Our little chap has been exceedingly clingy of late, in one sense this is frustrating, as it is difficult to get on with whatever else it is that is needing to be done, but in the other sense, it is actually quite endearing. His whole world depends on you doing things for him, and being with him. He loves companionship which is fab, he is a sociable sort, even if at first he is shy with a new person, he soon realises that all is ok and then starts chatting away all gobbledygook (or as my mum and I like to think, speaking in tongues!).

The most cutest action that our son has had for the last week, is, after he has got out of the bath (he loves his baths and stays in for quite a while!), whilst I am getting him all nappied and JimJamed up, he reviews and assesses his hands and feet. This is because it started with him looking at his prune like fingers and frowning. I proceeded to say to him "the bottoms of your feet do that too". Well he found this very novel, comparing the two, hand and foot, and saying "ooohhhh". I explained to him that when we are in the bath for any length of time, the softer parts of our body (namely palms of hands and soles of feet) ,tend to go, now how did I put it, oh yeah "all crinkly". he loves this now, he actually understood me, as he generally only looks at his hands and feet in that way, after he has had a bath. I love it, and I love him.

Now im sure there are, by far, lots of cute and insane things our little dude does, but I will not generate them on this first post. However, if anyone would like to share cute moments, that inspire you to grow a heartwarming smile on your face, then please do share. Now you don't have to be a parent to share these moments, you could be any member of family or friend of the little cute button, or you could have just been passing them in the street and thought what they said or did was extremely adorable. Please do share.

Signing off with a smile. :)

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