Sunday, 19 September 2010

And manners cost...........?

Well, I have been meaning to write this post for ages, and keep sidetracking to doing something non-writing related. However there are two people at the moment that spur me on (without even realising it) to keep going with my blog, and try not to put it to one side completely. These people are Ellie and Madameduck . Thank you.

There you go, guess what, that actually cost me not a penny (or cent, dime etc) to say that.

I don't know if anyone else feels like this (and this may be more frequently occurring in England than anywhere else) today's peeps are becoming more and more impolite. I walk through town, and I can either be with my son in his pushchair (not literally you understand, we wouldn't both fit!) or just with my Mum if the little chap is being looked after and I have to keep moving out the way, because I will get so many people that won't at least have the common courtesy to side step a little. Now I am not saying they should "move out my way" otherwise blatantly I would be considered as rude as them.
  What I mean is, the gentle drift you do past each other to give each other the space to walk or even that kind of side step dance from one way to another that you do with someone, who doesn't just walk around in their own bubble. Because I tell you what, this makes both of us smile (or even laugh) and also thank the heavens no doubt, that there are other polite human beings on the planet.

The other thing that would be fantastically acceptable is at least to acknowledge the very notion that I have moved out the way for them, you know the sort of thing I mean, a smile, a nod of the head, or even a thank you.

So many times I have thought to myself, what would happen if I didn't move out the way completely for them? Well let me tell you, I have experimented this, and the person in question has just whacked into me, and then carried on in their own bubble, no sorry or anything. I have also had it where I have moved out of the way and they have still bumped into me without even a sorry. I cannot do this, if ever I have bumped into someone by accident, I have had to say sorry as this is my fault. However I am now increasingly finding myself saying sorry to people that have bumped into me.

When we are growing up, surely we are being taught right from wrong and manners maketh the man so to speak, or are we not anymore? I know that my husband-to-be and I are very much trying instill some manners in our little dude as early as poss (it's a task I can tell you!). Perhaps some people are taught this but then forget their manners along the way? Who knows, but the above I have described is an example, and if I carry on with any more examples I may just wind myself up, or sound like I am a complete moaning fool.

Suffice to say, the point I am getting across is that manners surely cost nothing at all, and yet when I come across someone that does have manners, it makes my day so very much better. This is merely an observation of mine, but does anyone else ever come across this also, feel free to give examples too, as this could be quite a topic for discussion (either that or a complete offload, whichever I do not mind!).

Thank you for taking the time to read, and passing the message on. (see that did not cost me a penny either, so easy!).



  1. Hey Abi, Thanks for the mention, I'm glad I have inspired you in some way, that is very touching and makes me feel very happy!
    Sorry I have not written sooner I have only just been on (general neglect of the internet on my part!)
    What a fantastic blog post, I know completley what you mean. My pet hate is supermarkets! when you are looking at items on a shelf and some person will come along and stabd directley in front of you! what is that about??? They must see you looking but eh! everyone seems so stressed with such little time that a smile or a thankyou simply gets ignored! I vote of more manners!!

    Luv ya posts

  2. Ah bless ya hun. I keep on getting bored with the internet, so try filling my time with other things, I even carried on with a bit more of my painting the other day!

    Thank you for the comments. I have had that so many times in supermarkets, I even had some one who bumped me and the little chap out the way once before, shocking I tell you!

    You're right people do seem more stressed, and it probably is due to the lack of time that they have. However, they should still remember their manners, whatever the rush they are in. Life is too short to go around being rude in my book. If they had manners they would probably feel happier in themselves methinks!


  3. Thats great you have been doing some of your painting. It's nice when you can get the chance to do things you really love doing.

    I had an idea for a novel and have started to plan / write it but haven't got any further - It's weidcoz I keep getting ideas and planning things. But then it's like I get scared or afraid of how to approach it and give up! Which is terrible - am going to try to break the barrier with this one though! lol

    Yes a smile or a simple thank you does not even take a full minute, so there is always time.


  4. Thanks for the comment hun. I am hoping (theres always hope isn't there!) to do some more on my picture today at some point! It's taken me 6 hours (approx) already! It's my own fault because it is such a fiddly pattern and such a BIG canvas!

    Yes, you must break that barrier for sure!!! I know what you mean though I really do, there are so many idea's floating round my head and yet if I tell myself to write them down I get nervous that they wont sound right that I don't end up writing them down! Damn our self esteems!!

    I guess the only way to help ourselves along is to think I am just writing this for myself (this is what Mum has just suggested to me!). If we think we are only going to have us as an audience then perhaps we will stop worrying and have better flow!

    You are right, those do not even take a full minute if but even 30 seconds, so there is always time!


  5. Very well said, I think we've all noticed how rude people are getting and it seems to be acceptable and expected. That's sad. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting :) I love meeting new bloggers.

  6. Greetings Catherine. Thank you for the comment. You are very correct, it is sad that people think this sort of behaviour is acceptable, when truely it is not!

    I love meeting new bloggers too. I particularly liked reading your "When There's No More Room on the Bookshelf" post. How very kind, and such a wonderful idea! This should be done more around the world for people not so fortunate as ourselves. :)

  7. Thanks abi,

    I will try just writing as if I am going to show no one! to see if that helps I seem to work in spulges and write loads one day but hardly anything the next day! oh well once the barrier is broken I'm sure it will get easier.

    Hope you get some time to continue with your art piece today.


  8. Hee hee Ellie, bless ya! I think that happens to the best of us. I am too afraid to even get anything down on paper yet (I will have to at some point!) so you are ahead of me, well done you! Well I was getting on with Butternut squash and sweet potato for the little dudes lunches to freeze so will probably do some artwork this evening! (hopefully!)



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